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Welcome from the Provost


Washington Adventist University Welcomes a New Provost

Cheryl Harris Kisunzu,Ph.D.,MSN,FNP,RN

Cheryl Harris Kisunzu has been appointed provost of Washington Adventist University (WAU), effective August 2013. She is the former executive dean and director of nursing at Mountain View College Dallas, Texas.

Kisunzu holds a Ph.D. in educational leadership from Andrews University Berrien Springs, MI; M.S. in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Rush University, Chicago, IL; and B.S. in nursing, also from Andrews University, Berrien Springs. Her special area of interest is that of leading change for progressive excellence in higher education as defined by Kotter’s 8-Step Model . Consistent with this passion, the focus of her doctoral research is the analysis of performance excellence at our nation’s three Malcolm Baldrige Award winning institutions through which she determined strategies used, by academic leaders of distinction, for anchoring change in higher education.

She has held senior level positions of progressive academic and administrative leadership, including grant administrator at Eastfield College Mesquite, Texas for its historic 1.4 million dollar Texas Workforce Commission Grant, Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Development as well as the administrator for the Life Science Human Services Division and Director of the Nursing Program at Harper College Palatine, IL She has also over 14 years of teaching experience achieved through faculty appointment at Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN, Loma Linda University Loma Linda, CA, St. Louis Community College Meramec St. Louis, MO and Harper College Palatine, IL. She currently retains an adjunct faculty position in the doctoral program of leadership at Andrews University. As the WAU chief academic officer she serves as Professor. Of significance is that Dr. Kisunzu believes in the unique value and potential of each student entrusted to the university’s care. She considers it a joy to lead in a manner which ensures that learning prepares students for Daniel 1:20 distinctiveness such that their life service responds to the needs of our global society in a manner that is both relevant and progressively enriching.

Her husband Dr. Phillip Kisunzu is an independent consultant in Mathematics Education. They are blessed with two children – Jessica who will be finishing her doctorate in Organic Chemistry from University of California Berkeley in May 2014. Their son, Conrad is a sophomore student of Engineering at Stanford.

Department of Mathematics and Physics

For those of us who have been intoxicated by the powers and possibilities of mathematics, the mystery isn’t why that fascination developed but why it isn’t universal. How can students not be entranced? So profound are the effects of math for those who have felt them, that you never really become a former mathematician … but one who has ‘lapsed,’ as if it were an apostasy.
— Edward Rothstein, New York Times

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts (Science) in Mathematics

The Mathematics program provides students with the essential theoretical foundation in all branches of modern math and the practical experience of solving quantitative problems. This foundation includes groups and rings, functions of real and complex variables, logic and geometry, probability and statistics, differential equations and numerical methods.

A natural complement to any of the life science or social science majors, the mathematics major also works on its own to open various career paths in the Washington Metro area, including jobs with the census bureau, regulatory agencies, public policy think tanks, and scientific agencies such as NASA, Department of Energy, or NOAA.

Mathematics B.S. Sample Course Sequence

Bachelor of Arts (Science) in Mathematics Education

The mathematics education major offers future elementary and secondary school teachers the chance to cement their understanding of foundational mathematics, allowing them to deliver content-rich lessons to future generations of leaders and knowledge workers.

Mathematics B.S. with Education Suggested Course Sequence

For more information, please read the Mathematics and Physics section in the Academic Bulletin.

Research Opportunities

Bioinformatics Research Opportunities

Students in the BIP program are expected to complete a research experience as part of their undergraduate education. This research experience is integrated into the third year of the minor and can be either internal or external research conducted with a WAU faculty or another organization, respectively. This website will be regularly updated to describe specific research projects for which faculty in the program are seeking undergraduate student involvement. We also suggest you visit the BIP faculty members' webpages to read about the research interests of the BIP faculty mentors. If anything sounds interesting to you, contact the particular faculty and inquire about the possibility of doing research; all of the faculty are very interested in helping undergraduates to do research.

Alternatively, students may elect to participate in an approved internship experience at one of the many academic, clinical or commercial research laboratories in the Washington, DC area. Information regarding bioinformatics internship opportunities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area will regularly be added to this website.


Student Internships/Jobs

New student internships and jobs will be available for BIP students in several areas in the near future. These internships provide one-on-one research experiences working with scientists in the area on exciting research projects. Every BIP student is expected to do bioinformatics research or a bioinformatics internship. In this setting, BIP students will work within a laboratory environment and report on their research experience in the form of a presentation at a scientific meeting. These opportunities will enhance your science educational experience at WAU.


WAU's Bioinformatics Club

Welcome to the WAU BIP Bioinformatics Club!

This club seeks to establish campus-wide awareness, true understanding, and increased interest and involvement in the cutting-edge field of bioinformatics.

The Bioinformatics Club provides a meeting place for those with a special interest in the integration of computer science and molecular biology in order to learn more about each field. All WAU science students are welcome to participate. However, those students in the BIP will have special access to opportunities provided by the WAU science departments. This interaction is extremely important for networking with undergraduate students and faculty members to help enrich your Washington Adventist University learning-experience.

Check back regularly for updates about the club and its officers!