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Student Clubs and Organizations

Students may organize and join associations to promote their common interests, goals, and missions as long as they are compatible with the mission of WAU. University-recognized

organizations shall have no regional or national affiliations outside the Seventh-day Adventist education system. The only exception is nationally recognized academic and honor societies. Student organizations must have University recognition in order to function as an official student organization of WAU. See the current edition of the Student Leader/Sponsor Handbook for detailed information and regulations concerning student organizations and activities. Membership in campus clubs and organizations is open to all WAU students. For more information, contact Student Life


• ACM (Computer Club), ext. 4104

• Active Minds, ext. 4089

• Acro-Airs Gymnastics, ext. 4186

• African Student Union, ext 4223

• Alpha Chi, Junior/Senior Honor Society, ext. 4106

• Alpha Kappa Mu, Computer Science Honor Society, ext. 4172

• Black Student Union, ext. 0110

• Brass Ensemble, Department of Music, ext. 4025

• Campus Ministries, ext. 4112

• Caribbean Student Union, ext. 4178

• Columbia Collegiate Chorale, Department of Music, ext. 4025

• Men’s Residence Club, ext. 4043

• Education Club, ext. 4464

• Filipino Student Union, ext. 4096

• International Student Association, ext. 4119

• Lambda Beta, Respiratory Care Honor Society, ext. 4106

• Latino Student Union, ext. 4110

• Montage, Department of English, ext. 4065

• Nursing Student Association, Department of Nursing, ext. 4144

• Phi Alpha Theta, History Honor Society, ext. 4137

• Phi Eta Sigma, Freshmen Honor Society, ext. 4106

• Pioneers Athletics, Department of Athletics, ext. 4195

• Pre-Law Club, Center for Law & Public Policy, ext. 4061

• Pre-Medical/Pre-Professional, ext. 4465

• ProMusica, Department of Music, ext. 4025

• Psi Chi, Psychology Honor Society, ext. 4065

• SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), ext. 4034

• Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Society, ext. 4065

• Student Association, ext. 4100

• Student Ministerial Association, Department of Religion, ext. 4035

• Theta Alpha Beta, Women’s Residence Club, ext. 4174

• Washington Concert Winds, Department of Music, ext. 4025

Benefits of University Recognition

The following list outlines some of the benefits of institutional recognition. Clubs and

organizations may:

• Schedule and use University facilities

• Request funds from the University

• Establish dues and sponsor fundraising projects

• Use the University’s name or initials as part of the organization’s name

• Invite speakers to the campus

• Qualify for awards and honors given to University organizations

• Use University postal system for club business

• Use University vehicles for transportation

• Advertise in University publications

Student Leadership

Student leadership positions offer valuable experience, but they can also be time consuming. To run for, hold, or be appointed to a student office, students are required to:

• Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 during nominations, elections, and term of office

• Be enrolled in a minimum of six hours of University credit per semester

• Hold only one major office during a semester. Major offices include: class president,

elected student association offices, editor of the Columbia Journal or Golden Memories

• Be cleared for eligibility to run for office by the Student Life Committee and/or Vice

President for Student Life

Student Senate

The student senate is the policy-making body of the SA. It is chaired by the executive vice president of the SA and made up of senators elected annually in the fall semester. In order

to hold a position on the student senate, a 2.50 GPA must be maintained during nominations, election, and term. There are four senators from each constituency (Halcyon Hall, Morrison Hall, Commuter students), and there are four senators at-large. Senate meets at least twice a month during fall and spring semesters. All students are invited to attend. For more information about SA, senate, SA social activities, or SA spiritual activities contact the Student Association office, WH 108, ext. 4100.