Student Association

We, the Student Association, are the chosen eyes, ears, and voice for the students of Washington Adventist University; serving our student body in academic, social, and spiritual matters and acting as a liaison between the student body and administration, college departments, and the global community.

We must aim to create awareness and a more proactive approach to leadership. With renewed vigor, we will facilitate an environment rooted in greater collaboration, cooperation, and communication. SA’s vision is to empower the student body and to turn our academic learning into practical experiences that will uplift and unify the campus community.

Every WAU student taking six hours or more per semester is automatically a member of the Student Association, (SA). The SA is the official student government organization of WAU.  The SA organizes social, religious, and academic activities, and represents students’ concerns to the University administration.  SA officers are elected annually in the spring, by the student body and are receive a stipend for their work each semester. Some officers are appointed. Elected SA offices include: president, executive vice president, social vice president, religious vice president, and financial vice president. A 2.50 cumulative GPA must be maintained during nominations, election, and term
of office for both elected and appointed positions. In addition, SA officers facing disciplinary actions, including probation, also become ineligible to maintain an SA office.

The SA sponsors and publishes a campus newspaper, the Columbia Journal; a yearbook, Golden Memories; and a student directory, the Line-Up. When students take six or more semester credit hours of classes for the fall and spring semesters, they receive Golden Memories as one the benefits of their SA fees. The Columbia Journal and the Line-Up are available to all WAU students.

Editors of SA publications are appointed by the Publications Committee, composed of SA Officers, representatives from the student senate, and faculty/staff sponsors of SA publications. Prospective publication editors submit petitions, proposals, and a portfolio to the Publications Committee each spring, to be appointed for the following school year.

Officers for 2013-2014 

President  - Phillip Malcolm 

Executive Vice President  - Anthony Neufville 

Financial Vice President -  William Lopes 

Social Vice President  - Davene Smith 

Religious Vice President -  Sashana Lewis 

Columbia Journal Editor -  Emily Touch 

Golden Memories Editors  - Othniel Joseph 

Line-Up Editor  - Kenjray Bennett 

For more information about the Student Association contact the SA office at 301-891-4100 or Student Life at 301-891-4525

Student Activities Calendar

9/6/13 Honors Program Presidents Dinner 5pm 
9/7/13 Wacky Tacky Social 8:30pm 
9/8/13 Battle of Sexes –Commons 2pm 
9/9/13  Student Assembly 11:15am 
9/14/13 Sabbath Cinema 3:30pm 
9/14/13 Bowling 8:30pm 
9/15/13 Block Party-Morrison Hall Parking Lot 2am
9/19/13-9/22/13 S.A.L.T Conference – Camp Wilson, Ohio 
9/19/13 Dessert with a Hero 6pm 
9/21/13 “Expect Respect” Oratorical/Poster Contest 4pm 
9/22/13  Kings Dominion 7am 
9/28/13  LSU Culture Night 7:30pm
9/29/13  Battle of Floor- Resident Halls 
9/30/13-10/4/13 Fall Gender Week 
10/3/13 Dessert with a Hero 6pm 
10/5/13 Honors Program Retreat 
10/5/13 Sabbath Surge-Sugar Loaf Mountain 2:30pm 
10/5/13 Karaoke Night 8pm 
10/6/13 Scavenger Hunt 2pm 
10/7/13-10/11/13 Mental Health Awareness Week 
10/10/13 National Depression Screening Day 
10/19/13 Black Bulb Party –Halcyon Hall 7:30pm
10/26/13 Fall Festival 7:30pm 
11/2/13 Sabbath Surge-Longwood Gardens, PA 1pm 
11/3/13 Battle of the Classes Sports Day-Commons 2pm 
11/7/13 Dessert with a Hero 
11/10/13 RA Breakfast (Halcyon Hall) 9pm 
11/11/13-11/15/13 Health Wellness Week 
11/14/13 Watering the Seed Leadership Seminar 5pm 
11/16/13 Native American Heritage Culture Night 7pm 
11/17/13 Watering the Seed Leadership Seminar 10am 
11/23/g13 Olympic Games 7am 
12/5/13  Honors Program 1pm 
12/5/13  Annual Christmas Tree Lighting 5pm 
12/7/13  SA Prayer Breakfast-Morrison Hall 8:30am 
12/7/13  Residence Halls Christmas Open House 7:30pm 
12/8/13  Annual Gateway to Christmas Banquet 6pm
12/10/13 Midnight Breakfast (Dining Hall) 
1/20/14-1/24/14 Spring Gender Week 
1/20/14 MLK Prayer Breakfast 9am 
1/26/14 Ski Trip 5:30am 
1/27/14-1/31/14 Student W.I.S.E 
2/1/14 SA Prayer Breakfast – Morrison Hall 8:30am 
2/6/14 Dessert with a Hero 
2/8/14 Harlem Café 8:30pm 
2/15/14 Sabbath Cinema 3:30pm
2/16/14 Sunday Surprise 1pm 
2/20/14 Dessert with a Hero 6pm 
2/22/14 Living Legends – Ashton, MD 5pm
2/23/14 SA Spring Banquet 6pm
3/1/14 Ugly Sweater Social 8pm 
3/22/14 Bible Bowl 4:30pm
3/23/14 ASU Culture Night 8:30pm 
3/28/14-3/30/14 Parent Weekend 
3/29/14 Lock-in 
4/5/14 SA Prayer Breakfast –Halcyon Hall 8:30am 
4/9/14 Watering the Seed Leadership Seminar 5pm 
4/14/14 Student Assembly 11:15am 
4/14/14 RA Breakfast – Halcyon Hall 9pm
4/16/14 Student Recognition Convocation 11:15am 
4/17/14 Dessert with a Hero 6pm 
4/19/14 Sabbath Surge 
4/26/14 SA Final Jam (Year in Review) 8:30pm 
4/29/14 Midnight Breakfast (Dining Hall) 
5/2/14 Honors Program Senior Dedication 5:30pm