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Media Inquiries

The director of corporate communication manages press inquiries at Washington Adventist University. Permission is required for all external media to shoot on campus property.

For press inquiries, including arranging interviews with our faculty experts, or to request permission to shoot video or still photographs for publication, please contact:

Media Contacts:
Angie Crews - 301-891-4134

Donna Bigler - 240-286-1169

Our Policy:

We understand that major events are subject to media interest. Our goal is to ensure journalists have up-to-date and accurate information. In doing so, we will preserve student and employee confidentiality at all times.

 Requests for Interviews / Photographs / Filming:

All requests for interviews, photographs or filming must be made through the Office of Corporate Communications at 301-891-4134 or If requests are granted, arrangements must be made in a manner that does not disrupt students during scheduled classes or in their campus residence. The media representatives must be escorted by a member of the Corporate Communications Department while on campus.

Media Accessible Faculty

Jeanette Bryson
Education Department


Melvin Roberts
Chemistry Department

Gladstone Gurubatham
Psychology Department

William Ellis
History and Political Studies Department

Olive Hemmings
Religion Department

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