Gerald Powell

Education Profile:

PhD, Howard University
MA, Howard University
BA, East Stroudsburg University


Gerald Powell has an interdisciplinary range of written publications and expertise within the fields of rhetoric, semiotics, film, and philosophy and is the creator of the films“I’m American: Am I a Prostitute?” and Globalization and its Discontent: Speed, Seduction and Sameness. His research is concerned with everyday experiences, those bits of information that we have been conditioned not to see, arguably a byproduct of a speed driven, hyper-technocratic society. Every aspect of our contemporary culture is influenced by speed; for instance, writing, reading, media, identity, culture, currency, food, medicine, and semantics are entrenched in this emerging narrative that he calls American Quotidien.

Research and Professional Activities:

In addition to his creative projects, Dr. Powell is the author of a number of articles and books, most notably, Daily Conversations with my Interloper: Healthy Exercises in Ennui and Malaise. He lectures or has lectured at several universities, some of which include The New School, University of Cambridge (New Hall), Fatih University, and Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie.