Dr. Herma Marie Percy

Education Profile:

Ph.D., Political Science, Howard University, Washington, D.C.
M.A. degree, Political Science, Howard University, Washington, D.C.
B.A. degree, Communications, Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama.


The homeland security program director and associate professor at Washington Adventist University where she is developing and directing academic programs in emergency preparedness and disaster response, cyber security, and homeland security. She is also a member of the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council of Maryland. She previously served as the first Assistant Director of Cyber Security Partnerships for the Cyber Center in Maryland. She was also with the Homeland Security & Criminal Justice Institute at Anne Arundel Community College and assisted in launching the first homeland security undergraduate degree program in Maryland. She is the first professor in the state to teach a full time undergraduate homeland security program. Dr. Percy has also taught the Transportation Security Administration (TSA airport screeners) at their Virginia headquarters on “National Security Challenges for the 21st Century.” She also taught at Howard University and Clayton College, and authored an American Government course for Griggs University. Dr. Percy also has extensive practical experience responding to disasters and her research presentations include IDGA 2013 Homeland Security Conference, “Ten Mistakes Made in Disaster Planning and Response;” Maryland Emergency Management Agency 2013 Homeland Security Educators Conference, “Changes in Emergency Preparedness Higher Education;” and the “Psychosocial Impact of Disasters: Model for Psychological First Aid Training for the Faith Community.”

Research and Professional Activities:

Her published work includes: “ A Public Responsibility: Citizens have an important role to play in preventing terrorist attacks, Baltimore Sun 5 May 2013; Will Your Vote Count: Fixing America’s Broken Electoral System (Praegers: Connecticut, 2009); Impact of the 2000 Presidential Election on the American System of Government (Signature Books: D.C., 2004); “Historical Development of the Early Childhood Education System,” In Improving Quality and Access in Education (World Bank: D.C., 1998); “Effective Media Relations,” In Legislative Handbook (Association of Women’s Health … D.C., Jan 2001). In addition, Dr. Percy has extensive experience working on political campaigns and with the government, advocacy and international organizations such as the World Bank. She is also a radio news anchor and Television political analyst.