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State of the University FAQ's

During the open forums last week, several community members requested a formal list of FAQ’s. Below is a list of specific questions and additional detail.

1) Is the University strong?
Yes! In an ongoing manner, the University will evaluate its offerings to help ensure programs are mission, market, and fiscally strong. As a result, our students will receive learning which is progressively excellent and relevant such that they receive a maximum return on their financial and personal investment through job procurement and lifelong service.

2) What positions are impacted by these decisions?

For Academic year 2014, a new faculty member was hired in Social Work. For Academic year 2015, a total of 8 full-time positions are reduced from the budget (4 faculty and 4 staff). There are also 2 faculty contracts which are non-renewals. Three staff positions are reduced to part time. Two faculty in Education will be hired in addition to 1 part-time Assessment Coordinator. Searches have been launched for a Director of the Library and Director for our Nursing Program. The new Radiography program will be launched through the hire of 1 faculty and 1 clinical coordinator. Travel and professional development budgets are eliminated. In addition 10 vacant positions are “frozen”.

Transition support in the form of: Termination Settlements (Severance); “Job Search Support”; Employee Assistance; Unemployment Insurance are provided to employees whose positions will not be continued for the 2014-2015 academic year. Health insurance will be continued (at no cost to the employee) for an additional sixty days beyond June 30th, 2014. When appropriate, partnerships will be secured through external contracts to ensure the strengthening of University functions.

3) What’s happening with Nursing?
Nursing continues to be accredited and approved. We have implemented strategies to help ensure that this status is strengthened. Consistent with the Maryland Board of Nursing approval students enrolled in our Nursing Program will continue to meet qualifications to take the RN-NCLEX licensing exam as required to secure employment. To date, each of the December 2013 graduates who have taken this required licensing exam have passed.

4) What’s happening with Respiratory Therapy?
The Respiratory Therapy program will be undergoing redesign. No new students will be enrolled in the current Associates Degree Program. Continuing students will be provided the opportunity to complete their program at WAU. The goal is to redesign the program to be offered as an online bachelors degree by 2016.

4) What data was used in selecting these positions for elimination?
a. Academic Program Review – Labor Market Matching
b. WAU Course Enrollment Statistics
c. Course Successful Completion Rates
d. WAU Completion Trends by Bachelors Programs
e. Course Unsuccessful Completions Rates
f. Faculty Assessment of Performance (FAP) & Staff Performance Reviews; Student Feedback on Instruction
g. New Program Launch
h. Student Satisfaction Survey
i. Feedback from Deans, Faculty, Staff and Cabinet

6) What can I do to help?
On behalf of our students, the University continues to welcome your championship, goodwill, prayer, and support. Currently, we are seeking ambassadors to share their positive experiences with churches on Saturday, March 29, 2014. The Columbia Union has dedicated this Sabbath specifically to WAU. Offerings go towards student scholarships. To help, contact Lahna Farver, Office of Advancement and University Relations, 301-891-4133 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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