Band Festival 2014


Psalm 150:1-6 tells us to praise the Lord with trumpets, lutes and tambourines. At Band Fest 2014, we plan on extending that list to include all of the brass, woodwinds and percussion of a modern band. Students from all over the North American Division will participate in an intensive schedule of rehearsals under the direction of Craig Mohr. Students will also have the opportunity to work with experienced clinicians in Master Classes. Two final performances will culminate the event, one on Friday night at Spencerville Seventh-Day Adventist Church and the other Sabbath morning at Sligo Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Registration for this event is open from January 10-February 1st. Questions concerning Band Fest 2014 may be directed to Brian Gauthier at or by calling 301-891-4126.

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Check-in is from 4-6 pm, Wednesday February 12 at the Leroy and Lois Peters Music Building (Building #11).  Bus parking for this event will be next to the parking lot behind Wilkinson Hall (Building #1).  Note* Name tags must be worn at all times during this event.

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About the Directors:

Band Festival Director:

Craig Mohr


Preston Hawes


Jose Oviedo

CraigMohr 2 JoseOviedo
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Sligo Seventh-Day Adventist Church
7600 Flower Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912

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Spencerville Seventh-Day Adventist Church
16325 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20905

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Summer Programs @ WAU

Washington Adventist University will offer two summer programs in 2012, both of which are designed to enhance student success and highlight the richness of Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area arts and humanities offerings.

What Is the Bridge Program?

The Bridge Program is year- long academic venture aimed at giving students a head start in their college experience and providing support throughout their freshman year. It begins with a rigorous six week academic session that will run from July 15 - August 24, 2013. This program will allow students to focus on academics, while building confidence in their ability to succeed at Washington Adventist University (WAU). Students will grow through practicing appropriate learning and study strategies, and building math and language skills. The summer program will place program participants ahead of other entering first-year students, making the transition from high school to college smoother. Students will become more familiar with the WAU campus community and build connections with faculty and staff members. In addition, students will make new friends while having fun. Bridge students will receive personal attention from the program's staff and faculty. The program also includes an academic year plan where students receive a faculty mentor and continuing academic and social programming throughout the freshman year and any needed support in the sophomore year and beyond.

Who Should Apply for the Bridge Program?

Students who have applied and have been recommended for the Bridge Program in order to gain acceptance to WAU, and students who want to ensure that their transition from high school to college is successful. Successful completion of the Bridge Program guarantees acceptance to WAU.

How Will I Benefit From the program?

  • Enrol in math, English, and study skills courses. Earn credits toward graduation.
  • Learn and develop valuable study skills that will help you throughout college.
  • Improve writing skills.
How Much Does the Program Cost?

The cost of the Summer Bridge Program is $2500, but students who complete the program and continue their education here at Washington Adventist University will pay only $700 to cover books, meals, and program fees. Should you choose to enrol at another academic institution for the fall semester you are responsible for the full $2500.

What Should I do to be considered for the Program?

  • Apply to WAU
  • Admissions will notify you if you meet the Bridge criteria.
  • Fill out and submit the Bridge application by June 1st and submit a $250 Deposit. 

Bridge Program Application


Washington Adventist University has been offering the Capital Summer Program to incoming freshmen for many years. This three-week intensive program, offered just before the start of the fall semester, allows motivated high school graduates and high school seniors as well as continuing college students who need general education credits the opportunity to earn three credit college credits while immersing themselves in the cultural richness of the Washington metro area. Capital Summer Program 2013 will take place August 5 to August 24.


  • SOCI 105 General Sociology
  • RELB 160 Jesus and the Gospels
  • HIST 275 U.S. History II

Who Can Attend

  • High school graduates (2013)
  • Rising high school seniors (Fall 2013) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher

How to Apply for the Capital Summer Program?

High School Graduates (2013)

  • Apply and be regularly accepted to Washington Adventist University
  • Submit a Capital Summer Program Application and your $350 Program Fee to the Admissions Office if you are a community student. If you will be living on campus you will pay $650 to cover the program fee and meals.

Rising High School Seniors

  • Submit to the Admissions Office: Capital Sumer Program Application, Letter from high school stating cumulative G.P.A or copy of transcript, and Capital Summer Program Fees.

 Capital Summer Program Application

Capital Summer Program Costs



$ 1,035








Program Fees


(Includes Books)





*Students who have been accepted to WAU, paid the confirmation deposit and completed financial clearance for Fall 2013 semester by August 5, will receive a scholarship for tuition and room fees and will pay only the program fee and for meals. Students who do not wish to enroll at WAU or are still completing high school will be responsible for Tuition and Program Fee as well as room and board if living in the residence hall.

For more information about the summer programs at WAU contact the Office of Admissions at 800-835-4212 or

The Bridge Program


Summer Bridge Program is a six-week college preparatory experience for students who wish to strengthen academic skills, build confidence, form new friendships and enhance their potential for college success. The curriculum covers a variety of subjects including computing, mathematics, reading, study skills and writing. The program is designed to allow students to focus on academics, while getting a head-start on life at Washington Adventist University.

If you want to improve your chances for success at WAU, or you think you might not qualify for admittance, then this program is for you! By successfully completing this six-week course, you are guaranteed a place at WAU for the Fall semester!



Program Benefits

As a Bridge Student, you will

  • earn credits toward graduation, by enrolling in English, math and study skills classes tailored just for you;
  • learn and develop invaluable study skills that are guaranteed to help you throughout your college experience;
  • improve your writing skills;
  • attend workshops, information sessions and panels offering advice designed to enhance your college experience;
  • be matched with a faculty mentor for your first year of college;
  • get to know Bridge Program professors and staff;
  • participate in structured ''chats' where staff members will talk informally with you about subjects such as social life at WAU, cultural diversity, self-awareness and student government;
  • develop a support network with your classmates and program staff;
  • attend fun activities and events which will include taking trips to Washington DC, our nation's capitol (only 20 minutes away from WAU!) to dig deep into the unique history and culture of our nation;
  • make life-long friends.

In addition, Bridge Program students will have access to a number of services designed to improve the transition from high school to college. These services include admissions counseling, financial aid education, student mentoring, social and recreational activities, campus and Washington, DC Metro tours, and ongoing academic advising following completion.

Program Cost

The Summer Bridge Program is worth $2500. However, by completing the following steps, YOU are eligible for a 60% discount. Here's how:

STEP ONE: pay $700

STEP TWO: successfully complete the entire six-week program

STEP THREE: choose WAU as your university of choice for the Fall semester.

That's it! Once you follow the above steps and commit to the Summer Bridge Program, WAU will cover

  • your Program Tuition
  • your Housing
  • your Books
  • your Meals
  • your Activities

NOTE: if you choose to enroll at another academic institution for the fall semester, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the program - $2500.

How to Apply

1) complete and submit your application to WAU by the deadline. (click here for an online application)
2) Admissions will review your application and then notify you if you meet the Summer Bridge Program criteria.
3) If you do, then you need to complete a Summer Bridge Program application
4) Send a $250 deposit with your application.

And you're all finished!

Enrollment is limited, so apply early. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at 301-891-4502.

The Honors Program

An Overview

The Honors Program at WAU strives to provide academically talented students the opportunity to engage with and explore subject material in great depth and breadth, inspiring them to excel as independent learners and investigators within a collaborative learning community.

This does not necessarily mean more work for honors students than for others…it means a different kind of work, with more individual attention from the professor than in a typical class. The honors classes are also different in design as each class explores the topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. Be ready to engage in courses such as Sociology of Religion, History of Western Thought, and Scripture as Literature.


The Details

Being an Honors student means:

  1. Attending honors designated interdisciplinary courses that fulfill your general education requirements, and are designed to be provocative, interesting, and stimulating
  2. Access and exposure to Washington Adventist University's finest professors
  3. Participating in smaller classes - honors courses will consist of 20 or fewer people, allowing the opportunity to have thoughtful discussions and to make social connections with fellow honor students
  4. Learning through activities such as study tours, concerts, plays, and exhibits while fulfilling your general education requirements
  5. Conducting research and attending presentations at national institutions within the Washington, D.C., area
  6. Engaging in a learning environment surrounded by the most motivated and thoughtful students who want to be challenged to expand their minds
  7. Developing a honors project or thesis, thus enhancing professional opportunities or admission to graduate or professional schools
  8. Challenging yourself to grow as a person through leadership and service

Selection Criteria

Admission to the Honors Program is competitive and based on a limited number of openings each year. The criteria for eligibility is established and reviewed by the Honors Council.

For First Year Students

Most successful applicants will have:

  • A minimum composite ACT score of 24 or an SAT composite score of 1680.
  • 3.5 or higher cumulative high school GPA
  • Superior writing skills as demonstrated on the Letter of Intent portion of the application process
  • An academic writing sample, as requested on an individual basis

NOTE:  Students who do not meet the minimum selection criteria may still be considered on an individual basis. 

For Transfer and Continuing Students

Most successful applicants will have:

  • 3.4 or higher cumulative college GPA
  • Superior writing skills as demonstrated on theLetter of Intent portion of the application process
  • One letter of recommendation from a college or university faculty member
  • An academic writing sample, as requested on an individual basis

How to Apply

Students who meet the eligibility criteria and have been accepted for regular admission to Washington Adventist University are encouraged to submit an application to enter into the Honors Program.

An application will only be processed once a completed application packet, including the letters of recommendation, is received by the Honors director.

The Honors director will then supply the application to the Honors Admissions Committee to determine if membership is granted. Early application is highly recommended since membership in the Honors Program is competitive and limited.

For an application, please email your request to

Any Questions?

For more information, contact the program's director Brad Haas at or send an email with your inquiries to  You may also go to for additional details.

Admissions Staff


Wanda Colon-Canales

Director, Admissions & Recruitment
International Advisor
Phone: 301-891-4093
Fax: 301-891-4230

 Krista Byrd

 Admissions Counselor
 Athletic Recruiter
 Phone: 301-891-4473
 Fax: 301-891-4230

 Desireé Dixon

 Admissions Counselor
 Public Schools Recruiter
 Phone: 301-891-4482
 Fax: 301-891-4230

 Alana Pabon

 Admissions Specialist
 Transfer Recruiter
 Phone: 301-891-4079
 Fax: 301-891-4230