Morrison Hall


Morrison Hall is the men’s residence hall where life learning happens.  Our focus is in preparing young men to be leaders for Christ.  Spiritual programming, senior experience, educational, and sporting events, are some of the exciting things offered living in the residence hall.  We also collaborate with Halcyon Hall, the women’s residence hall, on some of these events.

Morrison Hall has four levels: First north, second, and third floor is used for housing residents, and the basement has the following areas: Student lounge, kitchen, chapel, laundry room, and storage room.

Morrison Hall has the following amenities: Basic cable, wireless internet.  We also have a tech room, mail room, and a prayer room, all of which is located on the first floor. 

Morrison Hall Living Capacity: 190  Please note that each room in Morrison Hall is 11 ½’ x 13’

There are a limited number of single rooms for upper classmen which are available on a first come, first served basis.  We are planning to reinstitute the honors wing for freshmen and a senior wing, as well. 

Morrison Hall staff consists of two deans, student dean, head resident assistant, and seven resident assistants.  There are at least two resident assistants on each floor.