WAU's Bioinformatics Club

Welcome to the WAU BIP Bioinformatics Club!

This club seeks to establish campus-wide awareness, true understanding, and increased interest and involvement in the cutting-edge field of bioinformatics.

The Bioinformatics Club provides a meeting place for those with a special interest in the integration of computer science and molecular biology in order to learn more about each field. All WAU science students are welcome to participate. However, those students in the BIP will have special access to opportunities provided by the WAU science departments. This interaction is extremely important for networking with undergraduate students and faculty members to help enrich your Washington Adventist University learning-experience.

Check back regularly for updates about the club and its officers!


Biology Department

L. Melvin Roberts, PhD, Chair
Glen H. Bennett, PhD
Nellie McKenzie, PharmD
Melinda Ekkens-Villanueva, PhD
Anthony G. Futcher, PhD

For program information, contact:

Dr. Melinda Ekkens-Villanueva
Phone: 301-891-4462
Fax: 301-270-1618
E-mail: mvillanu@wau.edu
Room 102D, Science Building