Student Internships/Jobs

New student internships and jobs will be available for BIP students in several areas in the near future. These internships provide one-on-one research experiences working with scientists in the area on exciting research projects. Every BIP student is expected to do bioinformatics research or a bioinformatics internship. In this setting, BIP students will work within a laboratory environment and report on their research experience in the form of a presentation at a scientific meeting. These opportunities will enhance your science educational experience at WAU.


Biology Department

L. Melvin Roberts, PhD, Chair
Glen H. Bennett, PhD
Nellie McKenzie, PharmD
Melinda Ekkens-Villanueva, PhD
Anthony G. Futcher, PhD

For program information, contact:

Dr. Melinda Ekkens-Villanueva
Phone: 301-891-4462
Fax: 301-270-1618
Room 102D, Science Building