Music Admissions FAQ

Do I need to be a music major or minor in order to take applied lessons or be a member of one of your music organizations?

Applied lessons are available to all WAU students for credit or noncredit. Participation in our music organizations is by audition and open to all WAU students. Applications for our music organizations is available here.

Do I have to audition to become a music major or minor?
Yes. Acceptance into one of the degree programs in the music department is contingent upon a successful audition. This audition must demonstrate aptitude and skill, in a chosen field of concentration, sufficient to successfully pursue the curriculum. Applications are available here.

Do I need to have advanced training in order to apply?
Yes and no. While the music business is highly competitive and we expect a high level of commitment and talent from our music majors, provisional acceptance based on potential is also considered, especially in the area of music therapy. Please look at our audition requirements for your applied area for more information.

How do I schedule an audition?
Start by filling out an application to get the ball rolling. You may also contact us directly at or 301 891 4025.

Will I get to go on a really cool tour if I join the choir/band/orchestra?
In the last couple of years, our organizations have traveled to the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Mexico, Europe, and performed at the National Gallery of Art, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall.

Are there music scholarships, and how do I get one?
Our largest music scholarships are merit-based awards for being in a music organization. Other music scholarships are also available. All are awarded based on your audition.

How big are the music classes?
One of the best things about being a music major at WAU is the individual attention student receives. Our class sizes are intimate and applied lessons are one-on-one.

Why should I come to WAU to be a music major?
We are in a vibrant cultural part of the world at WAU. As such, we have the finest faculty available who are all at the tops of their respective fields. As a Seventh-day Adventist institution, we seek to be Christ-like in all that we do and thus serve as both musical and character mentors. Finally, being a small department allows all of our students to receive an individual and personally unique learning experience that will best prepare students for a career in music.