Department of Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is a professional degree which allows the graduate to enter the field of social work at the first level of practice or to have the opportunity to be admitted to a Master of Social Work (MSW) program with advanced standing. The Andrews University BSW program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, Division of Standards and Education, 1725 Duke Street, Suite 500, Alexandria, VA 22314-2457, 703-519-2044.

The foundation curriculum consists of 10 core competencies that are required in every BSW program: (1) Values and Ethics, (2) Professionalism, (3) Diversity and Differences, (4) Human Rights and Social Economic Justice, (5) Human Behavior and the Social Environment, (6) Social Welfare Policy and Services, (7) Social Work Practice, (8) Research, (9) Critical Thinking, and (10) Contextualization.

Throughout the curriculum, the program integrates concepts of professional ethics and values, critical thinking, and sensitivity to diversity, oppression, social and economic justice, and populations at risk. Filed education is an integral component of the program.

Although students may declare themselves as social work majors in their freshman or sophomore year, they must apply for acceptance into the social work program. Application is made at the end of the sophomore year for formal acceptance into the program in the fall of the junior year. Applications are available from the undergraduate program directors of both the on-campus and off-campus sites.

Career Opportunities

A BSW degree prepares graduates for a career in helping individuals, families, groups, and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. Social workers are increasingly in demand in a variety of settings: family service agencies, child welfare agencies, mental health organizations, schools industry, and private practice. The services performed are as diverse as the areas in which they are performed. Inasmuch as many of these careers require further study at the graduate level, the social work program takes a generalist approach, providing a broad foundation and the necessary background for students that choose to enter graduate school.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Social Work, Andrews University Off-Campus Program at WAU

General Studies (AA) with emphasis in Social Sciences, Social Work (BSW).

Course Descriptions

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Department Information

John Gavin, Assoc. Director, Chair
Andrews University
Off-Campus Program
Phone: 301-891-4153
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