Statement of Student Responsibility: Biology

Statement of Student Responsibility:

The responsibility for meeting graduation requirements rests primarily upon the student. Therefore, students should become acquainted with the requirements as set forth in their bulletin and consult carefully with their adviser to plan a sequence of courses each semester that fulfills these requirements. To assist students in meeting the requirements, program evaluation checklists are available on Webadvisor at any time; students may also use the program’s Suggested 4-Year Track available on the department’s homepage.

Biology Department

Sam Perez, PhD, Chair
Melinda Ekkens-Villanueva(opens in a new tab), PhD
Nellie McKenzie, PharmD

For program information, contact:

Dr. Melinda Ekkens-Villanueva
Phone: 301-891-4462
Fax: 301-576-0167
Room 102D, Science Building