About the WAU Alumni Ambassador Program

What is the Alumni Ambassador Program?

The ambassador program is a plan to utilize involvement, enthusiasm and professionalism of trained alumni to work in concert with the Office of Admissions to reach prospective students, met the University's enrollment goal and to share information about the university with churches and communities across the country.

What do Alumni Ambassadors do?

Alumni Ambassadors is share their WAU positive experiences with prospective students, community members, and churches. Ambassadors will be trained and supported by the Office of Admissions to participate in some specific admissions activities. These activities include:

  1. Develop relationships with prospective students, schools, and churches on behalf of the university.
  2. Encouraging students to apply and attend through phone calls, personal contact, and other means.
  3. Attending recruiting events such as college fairs, education days, and career fairs.
  4. Coordinate and host student admissions events, alumni and student receptions, and Summer Send-Offs.

What training will Ambassadors receive?

Ambassadors will be informed on what is happening at the University, the admissions process and requirements, and financial aid programs. Then trained on how to use marketing and admissions material and how to speak with prospective students. Regular training sessions are part of the Ambassador program.

How can I become an Alumni Ambassador?

Simply contact the Office of Alumni Relations for the next steps. You can call the office at 301-891-4151 or click the link below to select Alumni Ambassador on the volunteer form!

Volunteer with the Office of Alumni Relations.