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Student leaders hope to leave a Legacy

Jean_WardenSeveral years ago a short statement became very popular in our country; it simply said, “Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet.” When reflecting on that statement and thinking about student life on the campus of Washington Adventist University (WAU), I am reminded that the finishing and refining process occurs for several reasons, and one of those reasons is to pass on to others what we have learned.

The word LEGACY is the theme for our Student Life activities this year at WAU—LEadership, God, Actions, Commitment, and You. We have challenged our student leaders to develop goal setting, communication, trust, and accountability leadership skills within the context of a God-led life; and to leave this same LEGACY with their fellow students.

That we leave a Christ-centered legacy with our students is the ultimate mission of Washington Adventist University. As our student leaders learn to use the gifts and talents God has measured out, I ask your prayers for the legacy they are attempting to leave with their fellow students. May we all have clarity in knowing that God isn’t finished with us yet!