Washington Adventist University Department of Athletics


About the Department of Athletics

The objective of the Washington Adventist University’s Intercollegiate Athletics Program is to provide an opportunity for students to enrich their college experience through comprehensive, challenging and a professionally managed athletics program. Through associated athletic events, student-athletes are encouraged to achieve levels of excellence in competition and individual development. Additionally, the Athletics Program is dedicated to enhancing the university’s reputation for integrity and excellence as demonstrated by the performance of student-athletes, coaches, and all department staff members both on and off the field or court.


Sponsored Programs

Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Cross Country, Women’s Cross Country, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Women's Volleyball, Acro Airs

Department of Athletics Mission Statement
The Department of Athletics at Washington Adventist University strives to use the Christian principles of love to develop the whole-person into the image of Christ for winning in athletics and in life.
To further make this vision practical, the Athletics Program challenges athletes, coaches, staff, administrators, and related faculty to frame their experience in basic philosophical commitments for developing excellence, respect, and love:

  • We will model the life and teachings of Jesus Christ into all aspects of the learning community.
  • We work to develop each student-athlete as a whole-person. Understanding human function in four dimensions-physiologic, mental, psychosocial and spiritual helps us to treat the person as a whole and a temple for God.
  • We aspire to be like Jesus by focusing on His example in living the best life possible in all dimensions. Four scripture-based qualities of Jesus guide our aspirations to be like Him-Warrior, Miracle-Worker, Lover and King.


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