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Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care Program



Vicki Rosette MS RRT RPFT Chair and Program Director for Respiratory Care
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The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care (BSRC) program is an online a degree advancement program in respiratory care that is designed to meet the needs of practicing respiratory therapists who have earned an associate’s (AS) degree.  The program develops competencies in research,management, education and leadership. Courses are taught in accelerated eight-week sessions so that students can earn their degree faster.

The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Board of Directors has a goal that by the year 2020, 80 percent of all practicing respiratory therapists will have earned, or be actively seeking, a bachelor’s degree.

Therapists who earn their B.S. in Respiratory Care will qualify for new career opportunities such as managing a respiratory care department or teaching respiratory care students. With a bachelor’s degree, they may also qualify for a different role in healthcare such as disease manager, case manager, clinical specialist, commissioned officer in the public health service or supervisor of a pulmonary function lab.


Respiratory Care Core Curriculum  

73 Hours

RESP 270Fundamental Skills for the BSRC ProgramWAU1
RESP 299Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) Credential Credit39
RESP 433RC Management (Pre-Req: ACCT 211)3
RESP 443RC Research (Pre-Req: MATH 110)3
RESP 453RC Education (Pre-Req: PSYC 210/355)3
RESP 463RC Leadership (Pre-Req: PHIL 150/250)3
Discipline Electives: Student-selected - Program Director approved18
Competencies by exam (RESP 346 A-T)
Competencies by portfolio (RESP 347)
RESP 499RC Capstone: RC Eviden e-Based Practice - Project & PortfolioWAU3

Required Cognates    

22 Hours

ACCT 211Principles of Accounting I3
INTD 315Ethics in Modern Society                  (GenEd:  Religion Elective)3
INTD 327Issues in Religion and Culture        (GenEd:  Religion Elective)3
MATH 110Probability and Statistics                  (GenEd: Math Elective)4
PHIL 150/250Introduction to Logic                          (GenEd:  Humanities Elective)3
PSYC 105Introduction to Psychology             (GenEd: PSYC 105/SOCI 105)3
PSYC 210/
PSYC 355
Developmental Psychology  /
Motivation & Learning                       (GenEd: Social Science Elective)

General Education (See also:  WAU Bulletin 2016-2017 pg.34-36 

25 Hours

ENGL 101First Year Composition (Core)3
ENGL 102Research and Literature (Core)3
COMM 105Introduction to Human Communication (Core)3
CPTR 105Computer Concepts I (Core) [Accept: Waiver, CPTR 105] - within the last five years3
Literature Elective3
Science Elective4
History Elective3
Physical Education Activity Elective1
Health Elective2


120 Hours

Model schedule for students -- three courses at a time

Model schedule for students -- two courses at a time

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