The David Weir Scholarship

David was only an average student in Sligo Elementary School. When he got into Takoma Academy a friend convinced him of the importance of a high G.P.A. Through his later academy years and on into college he studied hard and did well. He had decided to become a medical doctor. Along with the rigid study program came a maturity and a well-organized life plan. He knew where he was and where he was going. Two of his college years were spent at CUC and then he transferred to Walla Walla College, his father’s alma mater. After one year at WWC he was in their summer school program at Rosario Beach on the Puget Sound. While collecting specimens for an invertebrate class, something went awry and he lost his life in the process.

David had many friends and took part in many activities. He enjoyed playing football, was on the basketball team at TA and played tennis and golf. He especially enjoyed snow skiing and backpacking. He also enjoyed traveling and had a fine camera to record points of interest.

Because of David’s high interest in his education and career preparation, his parents have set up a scholarship fund for pre-med students. They believe in Christian education and it is hoped other students’ loads will be a little lighter because of this scholarship.