The L.G. Small Endowment

L.G.SmallLafayette Greene Small Jr. was born on August 18, 1913 in Amarillo, Texas. His mother was a committed Christian woman who encouraged Christian education for her sons. L.G., as he was called, attended Southwestern Junior College from 1929-1936. There he met and married Ruth Bell. During their 50 years of marriage they had three children, Shirley, Marilyn and Robert. They reared them in an S.D.A. educational community where they came to share the virtues of family, church, education, and service.

L.G. also attended Washington Missionary College from 1936-39 and earned his B.A. in Mathematics. He then attended the University of Maryland where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

He served as superintendent/director of plant management at WMC from 1941-51. He became business manager of CUC in 1956, and later served in several capacities at the General Conference from 1962-1978.

Much was accomplished in his 78 years. This scholarship fund was established by his second wife, Lois Neal, in memory and affirmation of Christian family, education, and service, those valued he cherished.