Cyber Security Certificate


cybersecurityCyber attacks have grown in frequency and sophistication in recent years. Threats to computer systems and networks that could disrupt critical services in hospitals, businesses, and government agencies are also increasing in the marketplace. The demand to protect systems and networks from attacks is constantly growing which creates numerous job possibilities and career advancement options for individuals with education and training in cyber security.

The WAU Cyber Security Certificate prepares students to meet the high demand for specialists to combat cyber attacks and protect computer systems. It is designed to provide the skills, knowledge, and ethical framework needed to prepare response systems to a wide range of cyber threats and vulnerabilities for businesses, organizations, and government agencies. The WAU curriculum also provides a systematic approach for professionals concerned with the development and operation of secure systems and the protection of an organization’s assets. It builds a foundation for the development of critical thinking skills that are transferable to analyzing and responding to new cyber security threats. The WAU program allows working professionals to add a focus in cyber security to their careers or improve their skill sets.


The curriculum is designed to prepare students to:

  • Assess the implications of cyber attacks to government, businesses, and organizations.
  • Develop strategies to respond to cyber security threats in government, businesses, and organizations.
  • Use an ethical framework to secure systems in the workplace.
  • Describe regulations to secure systems and collect evidence of criminal activities.
  • Integrate cyber security concepts and skills to the problem-solving of evolving threats.

Cyber Security Certificate Curriculum18 hours
HMCS 200 Cyber Security: Threats & Preparedness 3
HMCS 201 Computer Security 3
HMCS 300 Protecting High Value Assets 3
HMCS 301 Cyber Crime and Security 3
HMCS 400 Cyber Forensics 3
HMCS 401 Cyber Ethics & Law 3