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Early Childhood Special Education

Professional Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts
Liberal Studies: Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Contact:  Jamesa Lewis | 301-891-4130

Liberal Studies: Elementary/Special Education (BA)

Professional Studies Program

Early Childhood Education/Special Education | Birth – Third Grade

Leads to dual teacher certification in Early Childhood Education (pre-K through third grade) and Special Education (birth through age 8) for adult students who enter with 56 semester credit hours or more.


I. Unified Theme — Professional Education

51 hrs

EDEC 206Foundations of Early Childhood Education3
EDEC 220Communication and Collaboration in ECED2
EDEC 245Health, Nutrition and Safety3
EDUC 308Social Studies Methods2
EDEC 309Material and Methods for Teaching Math/Science3
EDEC 315Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood Education3
EDEC 317Integrated Arts in Early Childhood Education3
EDEC 320Positive Behavior Support Strategies2
EDEC 352Methods of Instruction in Reading3
EDEC 353Material for Teaching Reading3
EDEC 354Methods for Assessment of Reading3
EDEC 390Working with Young Children, Families and Community3
EDEC 424Observation and Assessment in ECED3
EDEC 450Teaching Internship3
EDSP 450Teaching Internship3
EDUC 130Professional Skills Development1
EDUC 321Techniques for Integrating Educational Technology into the Elementary and Secondary Classroom3
EDUC 341Processes and Acquisition of Reading3
EDUC 499Senior Internship Seminar1-2
Note: Courses may overlap between Unified Theme and Cultural, Scientific and Societal studies. Courses may not overlap between General Education requirements and the major requirements.


II. Liberal Studies Themes

29 hrs

Cultural Studies9 hours
EDUC 120Educational Philosophy and Trends3
EDUC 301Issues in Multicultural Education3
EDUC 418Education of Exceptional Children and Youth3
Scientific Studies8 hours
BIOL elective4
If student takes BIOL 140 at WAU, the health elective is waived.
MATH elective4
Societal Studies9 hours
EDUC 242Human Learning3
HIST 125/126World History3
PSYC 210Developmental Psychology3
Required Cognate3 hours
HIST 275/276 United States History I or II3


III. General Education Requirements

41 hrs

NOT to be repeated in major.
CHEM/BIOL/PHYSScience elective4
COMM 105Introduction to Oral Communication3
INSY 110/CPTR 105Introduction to Computers3
ENGL 101First-Year Composition3
ENGL 102Research and Literature3
GEOGGeography elective3
HLSC/NUTRHealth elective2
HMNTHumanities elective3
INTD 315Ethics in Modern Society3
INTD 327Issues in Religion and Culture3
LITRLiterature elective3
MATHMathematics elective4
PEACPhysical Education activity elective1
PSYC 105Introduction to Psychology3
Upper-division courses must total at least 36 hours.



120 hrs

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