Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Response Certificate


respondersThere is an increase in the severity and frequency of natural and man-made disasters on the homeland. The WAU Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response curriculum’s focus is on emergency planning and response to mass casualties with an emphasis on community health. This certificate will increase students’ understanding of the needs of their local communities during disasters and equip them with the necessary knowledge and training for moral leadership and service. The curriculum embodies the spirit of service with its integration of simulations and assessments to ensure mastery in service areas that students can provide their community, country, and humanity in preparation and response to disasters. The program will also prepare students to meet workplace demands for employees with the training and skills for leadership and administration in emergency preparedness and disaster response. It also supports the professional development of practitioners in related fields and provides academic credentials in this growing discipline.


The curriculum is designed to prepare students to:

  • Compare and contrast the various threats to public safety, including man-made and natural disasters.
  • Lead the preparations for emergency responders’ planning for mass casualties.
  • Take leadership and management roles in disaster preparedness and response.
  • Facilitate community and organizational emergency preparedness to national standards.
  • Design an emergency preparedness and a community response plan.
  • Use an ethical framework to analyze actions regarding the execution of disaster response and recovery.

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Response Curriculum18 hours
HMER 200 Emergency Preparedness & Planning 3
HMCS 200 Cyber Security: Threats & Preparedness 3
HMER 300 Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Disasters 3
HMER 301 Public Health Issues in Disasters 3
HMER 400 Disaster Relief Center Development & Management 3
HMER 401 Emergency Management 3