Homeland Security Certificate


handshomeIncreased threats and attacks to the homeland have created an urgent need for skilled professionals to prepare, protect, and respond to natural and man-made disasters. It is the purpose of the WAU Homeland Security Certificate to provide students with an understanding of the current security and public safely threats and to consider solutions, including personal service to the community during disasters. Our focus is on helping people and communities. The integration of peace-building, conflict-resolution, ethics, and service will prepare students to be moral leaders during natural and man-made disasters. This certificate will upgrade personnel skills employed in the field and enhance professional development as well as provide students a foundation in preparation for transferring to a specialty degree.


The curriculum is designed to prepare students to:

  • Assess the range of threats and implications to the homeland.
  • Determine critical social, economic, cultural, religious, and psychological influences on extremism that threaten the homeland.
  • Evaluate current technology, methods, and programs to prepare and respond to attacks and emerging security issues.
  • Differentiate between ethical and unethical actions regarding the execution of homeland security practices.
  • Demonstrate skills to work collaboratively to solve security problems, engage in peace-building and conflict resolution, and practice diplomacy and negotiations.

Homeland Security Certificate Curriculum18 hours
HMSC 200 Introduction to Homeland Security 3
HMER 200 Emergency Preparedness & Planning 3
HMSC 300 Terrorism: Causes and Consequences 3
HMSC 301 Intelligence System & Operations in Homeland Security 3
HMSC 400 Critical Infrastructure Protection 3
HMCS 401 Cyber Ethics & Law 3