Edyth T. James Department of Nursing

Welcome Letter from the Nursing Director 

The Edyth T. James Department of Nursing is committed to providing quality baccalaureate Christian nursing education.

The Edyth. T James Department of Nursing curriculum has been designed for individuals to develop professional competence in the scholarly practice of nursing. The program of study offers interrelated theoretical and clinical learning experiences. Multiple agencies are utilized for clinical experience including: Washington Adventist Hospital, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, National Naval Medical Center, Children’s National Medical Center, The Washington Hospital Center, County Departments of Health, Adventist Home Health, and various skill nursing facilities.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Science degree in nursing expands the nurse’s view of society’s health needs. Employment opportunities extend beyond hospitals and nursing homes to community health agencies, health maintenance organizations, private industry, educational institutions, mission and foreign services.

The program’s broad integrated perspective develops interpersonal theoretical and clinical competence and prepares the student for graduate study in nursing. Nurses with graduate degrees in nursing find increased employment opportunities in research, practice, and education.

Program Offered

The nursing program is a 4 year program, graduates receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Please see the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Progression Plan.

Nursing Admissions Packet

The nursing admissions packet contains all of the information needed to apply to the nursing program. The packet includes information and forms such as the program overview, procedure for admissions, deadlines for application to nursing program and more. Please review the nursing admissions packet content carefully.

Nursing Admissions Packet The Department of Nursing is currently accepting applications for the fall 2015 semester.

Re-admission Application

To re-apply to the nursing program, the re-admission application must be submitted six (6) weeks prior to desired re-admission date to the Nursing Advisor & Progressions Coordinator. Please meet with your nursing faculty advisor, to discuss remediation goals.

Nursing Re-admission Application

Uniform Requirements

Once you are accepted into the Nursing Program, please review the following information below regarding required uniforms.

Men's Uniform Order Form and Women's Uniform Order Form

BSN Student Handbook 2015-2016

Click on the link to view, download or print the student handbook for school year 2015- 2016. BSN Student Handbook

Course Descriptions

Descriptions of the core nursing courses can be found in the Academic Bulletin, or the link below.

Accreditation of the Nursing Program







“The 3rd Annual EBP Symposium“

photo 11

On Friday September 20, 2013 Washington Adventist University (WAU) representatives, Sophia Boswell and Carol Cogen, attended the 3rd Annual EBP Symposium at Prince George’s Hospital Center. The event featured tables of various vendors and institutions, including WAU. The Symposium offered seminars for employees in the health care profession, as well as for students. Throughout the vendor session employees were able to meet and greet with the participants of the many booths. 

photo 31

Prince George’s Hospital employees were quite intrigued with the WAU table and many of them expressed an interest to purse an advanced degree. Boswell, Administrative Grant Specialist and Cogen, SGPS Program Coordinator answered questions and distributed brochures in regards to WAU programs such as: Nursing, Health Care Administration, RN-BSN and Respiratory Care. Registered Nurses Stacy-Ann, Stella, Debby, Meliora, Khadija, and Letitia all expressed a desire to obtain a masters degree in Nursing Education, Nursing Business Leadership, and Health Care Administration. In fact, Debby Kennedy had already applied to the School of Graduate and Professionals Studies and was accepted. She hopes to begin her studies at WAU next spring.

Overall, the 3rd Annual EBP Symposium was well attended and a successful networking event. The symposium sponsored by Dimensions Health, a partner of WAU, gave the university an opportunity to showcase its health care programs as well as connect with many professional adults, who are seeking to pursue advanced degrees in the state of Maryland. 

Mission Trip to Haiti, Spring 2013


In Spring of 2013, Washington Adventist University Department of Ministry journeyed to Haiti on a mission trip abroad. A few students from the Edyth T. James Department of Nursing, as well as Nursing Professor Khadene Taffe, were amongst the volunteers who went to serve. “For me, Haiti was a life changing experience. My time there really opened my eyes to all of the work that still needs to be done as a Christian and a nurse. I now realize how truly blessed I am and that I am called to the ministry of healing,” said nursing student Khadene Campbell.


Nursing graduate student Raina E. Groover also expressed her life changing experience. “I chose to go on the Haiti Mission Trip 2013 because I felt a strong calling from God to sacrifice myself to serve others. There is a great need in Haiti at this time and I wanted to serve and help out in any way possible.  I believe that we are made in the image of God when we sacrifice our time, love, and service to others, just as God made the ultimate sacrifice of His only Son Jesus Christ to save the world. There is no greater love than that.  I am committed to fulfilling God's calling in my life.

Words cannot describe how this mission trip to Haiti affected me. The poverty, devastation, and the day-to-day living they are experiencing, just breaks your heart.  But yet, through it all, I noticed that they have each other and that's what counts the most.  I have truly been changed by this experience, and because of this I have decided to dedicate my life to mission work.  I thank God every day for using me to share and care abroad.  I am forever truly grateful.”



Annual Health Care Open House



WAU School of Health Professions, Science, and Wellness hosted its annual Health Care Open House on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 in the lobby of Wilkinson Hall. Students were greeted by health career demonstrations, heart healthy treats, and large selection of written healthcare career materials. Faculty and staff of WAU as well as the Washington Adventist Hospital School of Radiology were available from 10AM-2PM to answer student’s questions and help them decide if a healthcare career might be in their future.

Lee Wisel, Director of the Weis Library, was available to assist students as they gathered information about various healthcare careers. With her expertise, students were able to explore a multitude of healthcare career possibilities. The Department of Health, Wellness, and Physical Education provided exciting and educational fitness demonstrations, healthy eating information and yummy samples!Eden Good vegan cookies were provided courtesy of our own Student Association here at WAU. They were quite a hit!

Another popular stop was at the Respiratory Care tabke, the Department of Respiratory Care generated considerable excitement due to an up-and-running mechanical ventilator along with ongoing demonstrations of airway management techniques. There were lots of students gathered around to try their hand at intubating the adult and infant manikins and listen to our newest clinical instructor, Abigail Wankyo, give an impromptu lesson on the proper use of a mechanical ventilator. The 2012 Healthcare Career Fair was informative and fun for students and faculty alike!



Atlantic Hope CERT Training

On Feb 13, 2011, 6 people from the WAU community participated in a customized training to learn the principles of Community Emergency Response Training or CERT. This program was started by FEMA to enable the community to act when disaster strikes. The training taught participants the basics of first aid, how to maintain safety before, during and after a natural or man-made disaster. These programs are provided by each county for their residents. This one day program enabled our WAU community to prepare for a 4 day simulation entitled Atlantic Hope, in Ft. Pierce Florida from March 8 to March 11th.

Atlantic Hope is a 4 day and night simulation that prepares students to provide humanitarian aid in the conflict zone. Students are housed in military like tents, fed basic rations and simulate leading and managing a camp of 50, negotiating with local military and displaced peoples, providing basic evacuation and triage of mass causalities and assessing a village hit by an earthquake. Two of your fellow nursing students Darryl Staten and Cherrylyn Remigio both attended this training. They slept outside in tents, in the rain, got less than 6 hours sleep a night, managed with one flush toilet and no showers from Thursday to Sunday night. They ate rice and beans for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta and bread for dinner each day. There were no runs to the local McDonalds for a mocha latte. Local EMT students participated as simulated bomb victims covered in moulage, with debris sticking out of their skulls, moaning and groaning.

This program provided the students with the leadership, logistics and negotiation skills that will allow them to be fully prepared for work in the future with the Red Cross, Peace Corps or mission work around the world. We all came back tired, dirty and hungry but we came back excited with new ideas to implement and new opportunities opened up to us. Thank you to Dean Marshall for supporting this opportunity.

The Edyth T. James Department of Nursing at Washington Adventist University (WAU) was recently awarded 4.3 million dollars in grant funding. The U.S. Department of Education awarded the University a three million dollar “Master’s Degrees at Predominantly Black Institutions (MPBI)” grant. This federal grant is intended to encourage low income and/or African Americans to pursue graduate degrees in fields such as nursing and engineering. Washington Adventist University was one of only five institutions that were awarded this grant.

Washington Adventist Hospital has also underwritten a 1.3 million dollar grant awarded through the Maryland Hospital Association and titled “Who Will Care.” This initiative seeks to address Maryland’s nursing shortage by equipping nursing schools to increase enrollment and graduation rates. Sixteen other Maryland educational institutions received grant funding through this initiative.

Washington Adventist University currently offers a Master of Science in Nursing with Business Leadership (M.S.N.-B.L.), which was implemented in the spring of 2007 and graduated its first class in December 2009. The MPBI grant will allow the University to enhance the existing M.S.N.-B.L. program and create two new academic concentrations: an educator track to the M.S.N.-B.L., called the Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Educator (M.S.N., Nurse Educator; to be implemented in fall 2010) and an Associate Degree in Nursing to Master of Science in Nursing (A.D.N. to M.S.N.; to be implemented in fall 2011).

In addition to facilitating a seamless progression from the existing R.N. to B.S. programs, these new concentrations will provide curriculum theory and application courses; instructional and evaluation strategies that utilize faculty-guided, student-led,
case-based learning and utilization of technology such as human-patient simulations; a nurse education practicum; research opportunities for graduate students; and preparation for graduate learners to take and pass the National League for Nursing (NLN) Nurse Educator Exam.

The University’s traditional baccalaureate nursing program has been in existence since 1904. Over the past 10 years nursing classes have averaged about 25 graduates. WAU will use funding from the “Who Will Care” grant to increase enrollment, retain students, and increase the number of graduates. The campaign’s comprehensive goals are to increase the pool of diverse and qualified nursing graduates, and to develop and disseminate a technology-based nursing education curriculum model that can accommodate students from the underrepresented sectors of society. The “Who Will Care” grant will also enable the nursing department to purchase additional educational equipment such as patient simulators and computer software to help meet the aforementioned goals.

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E-mail: nursing@wau.edu