I-20 Process


This process starts after you have been accepted by WAU. International Students need to give evidence of their ability to meet all financial obligations to the College during the proposed course of study, in order to receive the I-20 form, and thus, a student visa.

Step 1. You must be accepted as a student at Washington Adventist University

Step 2. You must submit a completed Certificate of Financial Responsibility form.

Step 3. You must present the bank statements of your financial sponsor.

Step 4. You must pay the escrow deposit of $1000 (students from Canada, Bermuda and Bahamas are exempt from escrow deposit). This is a refundable deposit.

The I-20 form will be issued by WAU when all the above have been submitted to the Admissions Office at WAU. This I-20 form is essential to your being issued a student visa by the U.S. Embassy in your country of citizenship. THE I-20 DOCUMENT IS NOT A STUDENT VISA. THE ABOVE DOCUMENTATION INCLUDING: BANK STATEMENTS, I-20 FORM, CERTIFICATE OF FINANCE AND OR AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT, WILL BE NECCESSARY FOR YOUR BEING CONSIDERED FOR A STUDENT VISA AND SHOULD BE PRESENTED TO THE AMERICAN EMBASSY IN YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.