Service Opportunities

Washington Adventist University is committed to creating meaningful opportunities for its students, faculty, and staff to participate in service to our world and our immediate neighbors. Once a year, the entire campus takes part on an annual service day through which we provide our time, talents, and skills to a variety of local non-profit organizations. In addition to the annual Service Day, Project Sunshine provides the opportunity to engage in service through nursing home visitation on a bi-weekly basis.


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Service Day Observed with Multiple Projects in DC Metro Area



They say that cleanliness is next to godliness and for the students of Washington Adventist University, Service Day gave them the opportunity to improve the conditions of Takoma Park Recreation Center. Among the projects in a day-long program of activities, students cleaned two vans used to transport children who attend the recreation center. Recreation Manager Eric Rasch remarked on the outstanding relationship with the university. “This is our third time working with the university; it has been a tremendous pleasure. Service Day assists in things we already work on and it helps quite a bit.”

Nursing major Stephanie Ung, one of five students who helped at the center, emphasized the importance of a clean environment for the children of Takoma Park. “The recreation center is a place they can go and spend time, and I want to make sure everything for them is clean and what it should be. I want to make sure everything is sanitary and that they don’t get sick from anything.”

Service Day is Washington Adventist University’s way of giving back to its community. Trip sponsor, Professor Francis Bolden says Service Day is the way citizens can see the good in the university. “Going out and being a part of the community allows everyone to see our vision and dedication to the area,” he said.

Junior Demerce Young described Service Day as the University showing its selflessness. It teaches us how to go out and give back and show the community that we are being active.”

Other Service Day projects were carried out atTakoma Park Elementary School, Silver Spring Initiative Food and Friends, Martha's Table, John Nevins Andrews School, Central Union Mission, Sligo Creek, Takoma Park Recreation Department, Tree-mendous on Campus, Tree-mendous on the Creek, Pay it Forward, Capitol Area Food Bank, GE Peters Adventist School, Days End Farm Horse Rescue, City Gardens - Takoma Park and Sligo Adventist School.

Thursday, September 30, 2010 is Fall Service Learning Day. Daytime classes will not be held to allow students the opportunity to service the community as a Service Day Volunteer.

Fall 2010 Service Learning Day Schedule:

9 am - Praise & Devotional - Sligo Church Sanctuary
9:30 am - Instructions to Participants - Sligo Church Sanctuary
10 am - Board Buses - Proceed to chosen Service Location
3-4 pm - Arrive Back on Campus/Reflection Time with Faculty Leader - Sligo Church Atrium New location: WH Dining Room
4 pm - Celebration of Service - Photos/Reports/Testimonies - Sligo Church Sanctuary New location: WH Dining Room

Participating Locations:

Pre-Registration for all locations is now closed. If you have not registered, but wish to participate, please come to Sligo Church Sanctuary on Thursday at 9 am. We will make every effort to assign you a location as additional spaces may become available.

Capital Area Community Food Bank

Receives and distributes donated food to local organizations who feed those who suffer from hunger in the Washington, DC area.  The also educate, empowers and enlightens the community about issues of hunger and nutrition. Limited to 25 participants. Register for CACFB. This location is full.

Food & Friends

Delivers freshly prepared meals, groceries and frozen entrees to people living with AIDS. The organization also provides friendship that is priceless to their clients. Limited to 20 participants. Register for F&F. This location is full.

Friends of Sligo Creek

An organization committed to restore to health the water quality, natural habitat, and ecological well-being of the Sligo Creek watershed by bringing neighbors together to build awareness, improve natural habitat, and protect our community's heritage. Limited to 45 participants. Register for FoSC. This location is full.

Gateway Arts Center

A nonprofit membership planning and development organization formed by the residents of North Brentwood, Brentwood, and Mount Rainier in 1997. Gateway CDC was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the Gateway Arts District. This initiative brought together artists, residents, business owners, government agencies, and elected officials to create a shared vision for a healthy, safe, and vibrant community enriched by the arts, culture, and entertainment. Through combined resources and a shared vision, the municipalities of Gateway CDC devised a joint revitalization strategy promoting arts resources in the community. Limited to 40 participants. Register for GAC. This location is full.

Takoma Park Public Works

The City of Takoma Park Department of Public Works maintains the streets, sidewalks, city vehicles, city buildings, parks and gardens. Services include trash and recycling pickups, leaf collection, snow removal, and arborist services. Limited to 20 participants. Register for TPPW. This location is full.

Central Union Mission

Central Union Mission is a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with four locations throughout the Washington area. It operates an 18-month rehabilitation program for men with life-controlling issues, a free meals program, a clothing and furniture distribution center, and a 220-acre retreat center with a camp for underprivileged children and recreation facilities for the community.

The Mission is continually developing its programs to meet the changing needs of the community. Its current programs serve homeless men, underprivileged women, children, seniors, veterans and the growing Hispanic community.

One life at a time, the Mission transforms the area's toughest rehabilitation cases, including drug addicts, gang members, criminal offenders, and the chronically homeless into productive members of society. The Mission's program has an 80% success rate at helping individuals overcome addiction and homelessness, and to achieve independence. Limited to 15 participants. Register for CU Mission. This location is full.