Research Opportunities

Bioinformatics Research Opportunities

Students in the BIP program are expected to complete a research experience as part of their undergraduate education. This research experience is integrated into the third year of the minor and can be either internal or external research conducted with a WAU faculty or another organization, respectively. This website will be regularly updated to describe specific research projects for which faculty in the program are seeking undergraduate student involvement. We also suggest you visit the BIP faculty members' webpages to read about the research interests of the BIP faculty mentors. If anything sounds interesting to you, contact the particular faculty and inquire about the possibility of doing research; all of the faculty are very interested in helping undergraduates to do research.

Alternatively, students may elect to participate in an approved internship experience at one of the many academic, clinical or commercial research laboratories in the Washington, DC area. Information regarding bioinformatics internship opportunities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area will regularly be added to this website.