The Jessie Adams Memorial Fund


A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Jessie Adams was born July 22, 1903. Jesse graduated from Washington Missionary College in 1924. She was proud to be a registered nurse and continued to keep her certification valid. Her knowledge was keen in regard to the latest medical techniques. She was a very respected citizen in the central Nevada town of Hawthorne where she lived and served as a public health nurse. She rarely asked anyone for help but instead chose to continue to help others.

Jesse had a dream—that one day a student would be able to become a registered nurse because she had supplied the means for that student to attend college.

She lived very carefully and frugally, watching every penny, to ensure that she left a legacy to CUC students. Her gift to CUC was possible only because she was willing to sacrifice to see her dream realized.

Jesse had many friends who respected her privacy, admired her strong independence and believed in her dreams. The Jesse Adams Memorial Endowment Fund makes it possible for Jesse’s—and many future nurses’—dreams to come true.