The Show Endowment for Education Majors

Show_BCBrian and Cheryl (Jakubowski) Show started their courtship in 1978. Brian was a freshman at Columbia Union College and Cheryl was a senior at Blue Mountain Academy. A year before their introduction seemed an unlikely event. Brian was in Michigan graduation from Andrews Academy. He arrived at CUC not knowing anyone. Then through a chance circumstance, friends he made at CUC introduced him to Cheryl. They were married in December 1981.

Brian graduated from CUC in 1981 with a business degree. He stayed to manage the College Store until 1989 when he became comptroller at an area glass company. While working at CUC, he earned his M.B.A. in Marketing from George Washington University.

Cheryl majored in elementary education and graduated from CUC in 1982. After graduation she accepted a position at the General Conference as a secretary. While she did not go into teaching, both Brian and Cheryl feel the need for quality elementary teachers is a vital need.

Both have worked and paid all of their tuition since starting academy. Their strong support of education and the first-hand recognition of paying for an education are what led to the establishment of their scholarship fund for elementary education majors.