The civil case is between the parents of a two year-old boy and a toy manufacturer. The young boy swallows part of a toy manufactured by Happyland and is fatally poisoned by a chemical. His parents then sue the toy manufacturer for negligence. WAU first represented the defendant, Happyland and narrowly lost the case. In the second trial, their roles were reversed and WAU was victorious.

Amanda Greenleaf, a lawyer on the WAU Mock Trial Team, attributed the results in both trials to a law that was being argued.”The hypothetical law that we were given made using the chemical illegal in that state; it was the nature of the case that made a decision for the plaintiff a foregone conclusion.”

The WAU Mock Trial team that competed on Sunday consisted of three lawyers: Amanda Greenleaf, Emily Crocker, Roberta Plantak, and three witnesses: Brandon Nelson, Alicra Groomes, and Courtney Capers. Their next competition is scheduled for Sunday, February 13 against Howard University on their campus. For their final scheduled competition, they will host the University of Maryland in March.

Update (2/11/11 @ 10:17 AM): Due to a plethora of illnesses, the WAU Mock Trial Team scrimmage against Howard University scheduled for this Sunday, February 13 has been canceled. A new date will be set and announced in the near future.