Betty Howard Center

SunshinetranspIn addition to its regular summer offerings, Washington Adventist University will offer two special summer programs in 2014. Both of these are designed to enhance student success and highlight the richness of Washington DC Metropolitan Area arts and humanities offerings. These programs are:

(July 6-August 7, 2014) (July 21-August 8, 2014)




Dining Hall Gets Big Facelift

(Above is a sketch of the WAU new look dining hall)

The first phase of the project will include removal of all existing carpet and the installation of quarry tiles and planked wood flooring. The folding partitions will be replaced and relocated and walls repaired and painted as necessary. New ceiling will be installed, along with new light fixtures and upgrades to the air conditioning vents.

In an effort to improve the aesthetics of the dining hall, new round and rectangular tables will be introduced. Booths will be set up at five locations along the walls and counters with stools added to allow patrons more seating options. The hall will also have a new white and blue color scheme and new window treatment.

The second phase will be done during the Christmas break and include major changes to the service area. This will include new serving stations and a salad bar. The service area will also include soda machines; the coolers currently there will be removed.

"The Dining Hall is going to look wonderful! I can't wait to see the expressions on the students' faces when they see it for the first time," said Kathy Hecht, assistant to the food service director.

Skanska, a world- leading construction company, will implement the changes. The group is represented on campus by Superintendent George Mayer, who is overseeing the project.