Family Picnic Provides Getaway for Employees

Located in Ellicott City, Md., Centennial Park features a two and a quarter mile loop around a lake.

picIMG 0654Visitors are able to rent a boat, cast for fish, enjoy the colorful natural wildflower areas, watch for a diversity of birds, waterfowl, and wildlife, play a sport, or have a picnic.

One of the nicest things about the picnic was seeing people being real – playing, eating, joking and laughing. In the office or classroom, we tend to be inauthentic sometimes. I wish Human Resources would organize a picnic for us once a month,” said Vice President of Ministry Baraka Muganda.

“The picnic was cool but the food was better,” said Bruce Peifer, chairman of the physical education department. “Lloyd Yutuc is the man…and I learned that Patrick Williams is the best domino player on campus.”

pic1IMG 0631Yutuc, who manages the bookstore, doubles up as member of the social committee. He is known for planning great menus and making delicious tropical punches and smoothies. Patrick Williams. Ph.D., is dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and associate provost.

Most experts agree that taking time away from the office occasionally is an important strategy for work-life balances. It relieves stress and by extension, improves productivity.

Judging from the responses, WAU’s fourth annual family fun picnic was a winner, summed up appropriately by Veronica Hurst, office manager for the department of nursing.

“The weather was perfect and the food was amazing!”

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