January 24 – 29 has been designated as Week in Spiritual Emphasis. The Week will include daily convocation at 11:15 am and conclude with a Sabbath morning program. The theme for the week is Paradigm Shift; Moving to Higher Ground.

This Week inf Spiritual Emphasis is unique for it is a yearly opportunity for the University community to hear students, and students alone, speak to the congregation. This is part of Vice-President of Ministry, Dr. Baraka Muganda’s plan to help “empower young people to have a part in sharing the Good News to colleagues.”

Dr. Muganda was optimistic about the impact that the student speakers will have on the spiritual climate of WAU,” The Ministry Department believes in students, trusts them, and has confidence in them. That is why we gave them this opportunity.” He has earmarked the Week to offer “spiritual revival, and to help the campus community renergive their spirit and recommit to Jesus.”

The Ministry Department has been specially assigned with the task of nurturing spiritual life in the campus community. Dr. Muganda outlined the challenge facing the mission,” Our goal to is to make the Bible relevant to students amidst the distractions of the mainstream media, television and internet. Both the media and our department are targeting the same audience: young people with a postmodern mind.”

When asked about the department’s goals, Dr Muganda said,” We want to serve young people and equip them service both locally and globally. We do this by nurturing them and giving them the opportunity to serve. When students serve, they commandeer the spirit of the Church through discipleship, leadership, service and, fellowship.”

Dr Muganda doesn’t want the student community to think of the Week in Spiritual Emphasis as a required appointment,” The week is for the students' benefit, they will be challenged to be better students. What they learn here will be a spring-board for their future lives. It is an opportunity to relax at the feet of Jesus and leave your burdens for a little while.”

The week in Spiritual Emphasis will include presentations by Akeem James, Juliana Baioni, Alex Barrientos, Sheila Martinez, Alex Karras, Curtis Roberts, and Ramone Griffith.