Counseling Services offers Anonymous Mental Health Screening

89611036Do you often feel like you don’t care about anything anymore? Are you always too tired to play sports, go out with friends or go to class? 

If so, you might be suffering from depression.  4 out of 10 college students report feeling so depressed that they have difficulty functioning in everyday life.

The Counseling Services Office of Washington Adventist University is offering anonymous online mental health screenings for a range of common mental health conditions that tend to go undiagnosed.  Students are able to access free screening year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all within the privacy of their own room.  

To take advantage of the free mental health questionnaire, click here for immediate feedback, along with referrals to the on-campus counselor, Lauri Preston (301-891-4089) or to other resources if appropriate.

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