WAU partners with NCR WSA for On-Campus Environmental Projects

DSC_0058editedWAU has partnered with the National Capital Region Watershed Stewards Academy (NCR WSA) to consider on campus storm water projects. The NCR WSA was developed in 2010 by a coalition of watershed advocacy groups to “restore stream health by a thousand repairs.”They assess watersheds and create solutions for storm-water and pollutions reduction by installing rain gardens, and other ways to limit pollution entering water bodies.

On March 4, a group of NCR WSA met with Senior Vice President for Operations, Gerald Anderson and Vice President for Marketing and Recruiting, William Jackson to survey possible on campus storm-water sites. The group identified several possible locations where a storm could cause an overflow and pollute and/or damage the immediate area.

Once final arrangements are made, NCR WSA will construct a storm water project. This will either be a rain garden or a conservation landscaping project that will capture and mitigate the effects of storm-water.

The effect of the storm water project will be two fold. Firstly, it will bring attention to storm water efforts by the NCR WSA, which is leading the effort in reclaiming waterways affected by storm water pollution. Secondly, it will benefit all students, faculty, and staff of WAU by removing unwanted water that accumulates after snow or rainstorms.