Mission Trip to Zambia

Africa Mission TripWashington Adventist University’s Department of Religion has recently returned from one of their two summer mission trips this year. In the month of May, two groups went overseas, one to the city of Lusaka in Zambia and another to Costa Rica.

Eleven WAU students went to the city of Luska for two weeks. Each student had different backgrounds and majors but all had one thing in common; they were there to win souls for Lord. 

The students and the leaders preached at 11 venues every night with the theme: searching the scriptures. Over 6,000 people faithfully came out to the meetings every day to hear different speakers. Something uncommon to the people of Lusaka was having female speakers on the podium. Now that WAU female students have preached exceptional sermons, they have opened up the doors for other women to follow.

Africa Mission TripThough the main purpose of the trip was to evangelize, students also visited orphanage homes. There, they gave away clothing that they had bought for the children. They also left vacation bible school material with the local churches.

At the end of the trip, 331 people baptized. Many people, including Pastor Maxwell Muvwimi, President of the Central Zambia Conference, were thankful to WAU for coming to evangelize. “We thank you for coming with your mature, spiritual and understanding students,” said Muvwimi. “The group you sent was so wonderful we have no complaint from any of the sites. We love your people and you are welcome to come again.”

The mission trip to Zambia was successful in many ways. Not only were souls won for Christ, the students lives were also changed. “I felt the students were empowered by leading out in evangelism,” said mission trip leader and Vice President for WAU ministry Baracka Muganda. “This experience made a difference in the lives of the students who were there and the people of Zambia. I saw them praying everyday and reading the bible more than before. At the end I saw them owning their faith. They were proud to be talking about their faith. This is the result of young people being active in the church.”

Juliana Baioni, a current WAU student, felt that this mission trip has had an impact on her life. “I had the wonderful privilege,” said Baioni. I had such a wonderful time. It changed my life to be able to come here. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to preach, but if you're willing God can do anything. Everyone should do it because I promise you will not come back the same.”