New Technological Upgrades To Enhance Student Learning

WAU StudentsThe 2012-2013 academic year will see Washington Adventist University students able to access Wireless Internet from any of the WAU’s buildings. Vice President for Information Technology Services (ITS) Greg Ingram says it’s a part of his department’s effort to keep pace with technological changes and enhance the learning experience for students.

“Students will experience dramatic changes when they come back,” Ingram said, “We are excited about the changes that we are making.” He said the improvements represent goals and objectives identified in the campus technology strategic plan.

Last academic year, Richard’s Hall and the Leroy and Lois Peters Music Center were outfitted with wireless capability and work has already begun in the two campus residence halls.

Greg IngramAdditionally, multimedia equipment has been added to four more classrooms and 80” LED screens installed in the Music Center. Other additions include a high-definition projector, custom lecture podium, stereo speaker array system and the ability to record and playback digitally for review.

Faculty and staff will also have more technology at their fingertips too. The ITS department has purchased the Adobe Master Collection, a software suite that will allow use of much of Adobe’s software in the computer lab and faculty/staff computers. Also, ITS plans to upgrade the operating system of campus computers with Microsoft Office 2010 including those in Weis Library.

And, in a move that should please students on the residence halls, Internet connections on campus will be faster this fall. Ingram said he has negotiated a plan with Verizon to bring their fiber optics to WAU. This will result in the ability to integrate the current Comcast connectivity with Verizon FiOS to triple connection speeds on campus.

Other technological upgrades include equipment for digital signage installed and linked to a central server to enhance communication on campus. There are currently three screens in Wilkinson Hall, and three more will be installed in the Dining Hall and each residence hall.

“It’s really helpful because sometimes students don’t have time to check our email for campus news. Also, in an email, there is not picture or graphic to go along with the story. The screens make the information more explicit,” said Jacky Jeanty, a junior theology major.

By Kevin Manuel