Renovated Dining Hall Reopens

IMG 7835Administrators, faculty, staff and students gathered in Washington Adventist University (WAU) dining hall, August 27, to get a first look at the newly renovated space, completed  just in time for the start of the new semester.

“This is a proud moment,” said President Weymouth Spence, Ed. D.  “This is symbolic of our effort to ensure that our students have the resources and the kind of environment that they need to be successful in their college career.”

Coincidentally, the president said, the celebration of the new space comes close to the fifth anniversary year of his presidency at WAU. He noted that while there is more to be done, the University has made great strides since 2008.IMG 7850

Alcira Groomes, president of the students association, expressed gratitude on behalf of the student body. “It is a very nice space,” She said. “I am happy that I had the opportunity to be involved and I am certain that the students will appreciate this major improvement.

 This major facility upgrade, the first since the construction of Wilkinson Hall, includes dramatic changes in both the aesthetics and functionality of the space.  The renovation includes the removal of all existing carpet and the installation of quarry tiles and planked wood flooring, repairing and repainting walls, new ceilings, new light fixtures and upgrades to the air conditioning vents.

In an effort to improve the aesthetics of the dining hall, new round and rectangular tables have been introduced; booths set up at five locations along the walls; and counters with stools added to improve seating options.  The new white, blue and green color scheme gives the entire space a light, airy feel.

IMG 7854 1Another phase of renovation will be done during the Christmas break . This will include a new serving stations and a salad bar. The service area will also include soda machines; the coolers currently there will be removed.

Skanska, a world- leading construction company, is in charge of the work on the dining hall. The group is represented on campus by Superintendent George Mayer.