Students' Activity Center Coming Soon

Student Center PlanWashington Adventist University is in the midst of a redesign and renovation project that will see the student body with an attractive new recreational and general use space, capable of seating more than 350 students. The project is expected to be completed early in the spring.

“This is yet another project that is being completed under our Campus Master Plan,” said President Weymouth Spence, Ed.D. “We are serious about transforming this campus into a comfortable and modern facility that is so important to our student’s sense of well being and their motivation to be excellent at everything that they do.”

The facility, which is a redesign of the pool area, is being executed at a cost of just under $900,000. It will serve as a multipurpose venue for group study, lectures and presentations, Singspiration, Sabbath Worship, and other general meetings and campus events.

“Several students were involved in the selection of colors, furniture and finishes.  FOCUS: Architects + Design developed three finish boards that we used to make selections from,” said Angie Crews, President’s Office Coordinator.  The final selection was a casual cross between earthy and contemporary lounge furniture.  You will see grays, reds, blues and hints of green.”

Alcira Groomes, president of the students association, who was one of the students involved, said she is excited about this update to the campus.

“This will be the third major difference on our campus as far as facilities go in two years. I am happy to see a new space that will be beneficial to many students,” Groomes said.  She is particularly happy with the flexibility that the space allows.Workers filling in pool

“Students are generally happy with the idea of a more defined space and a student-oriented location. It will allow them to have a common meeting place other than Wilkinson Hall lobby. They realize that we are still in need of The Student Center, but they feel that WAU is heading in the right direction.

Last August, the University completed a one million dollar renovation of the dining hall, the first since the construction of Wilkinson Hall more than 40 years ago. The renovation changed the area aesthetically and functionally. It included the removal of all existing carpet and the installation of quarry tiles and planked wood flooring, repairing and repainting walls, new ceilings, new light fixtures, upgrades to the air conditioning vents, new paint, new furniture, as well as addition and redesign of service and eating areas.

Plans are also under way to renovate the ball field. This project is going through the county approval phase.  Along with upgrades to the parking lots, the ball field project is expected to cost approximately one million dollars.