Can I Live? Revival Week Scored big on Campus

Students Pledging to Live with JesusThe week of March 31 to April 6 saw a small white tent occupying pride of place on the Washington Adventist University Commons. By day, it was something different to look at—a plastic structure constructed to look like a cozy country cottage. By night, it was a meeting place for dozens of students hungry to explore topics of addiction and liberation, under the theme: “Can I Live?”

By the end of the week, twenty eight students took a stand to be baptized.

Chaplain of Ministry Regina Johnson said the theme was selected to force people to think about how they live their lives and the change that Christ can bring.

“We wanted to see the students understand that life is short and God has called them to a higher standard than they have set for themselves,” Johnson said, adding that “the tent brought a refreshing new life to the campus that gave the students something to look forward to apart from the basement of where they sleep.”

She said it was also intended to appeal to those who might have lost interest in the church as a physical space.

Like most other tertiary institutions in the North American Division, WAU caters to students of different kinds of religious affiliations, even if most are Seventh-day Adventists. Johnson said conducting the meetings in a neutral place was just as impactful as the practical sermons delivered by guest speaker, Noah Washington, pastor of the Bladensburg Seventh day Adventist Church.

“I am grateful that I had an opportunity to learn practical Christianity,” said Alant Francois, a junior religion major, who attended every night.

The meetings were an inspiration for freshman psychology major Daeshawn Gray as well.

“I am incomplete from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, but I am pieces of the Master so they call me a Master Piece,” he said, summing up his take-away from the evangelistic series.

The nightly program involved lively singing led by different praise teams and testimonies from students and staff. Prayers were held in small groups.

“To see students packed in the tent every night singing, praying, testifying and giving their hearts to Jesus brought joy in my heart”, said WAU president, Weymouth Spence, Ed.D.

On Friday night, April 5, the meeting moved to Takoma Academy for Silent Judah concert. Hundreds of students and community people attended to watch the drama themed, “He Won So I Will Win.” The Northeastern Academy from New York joined us for the program.

The next Week of Revival will be held again during spring of 2014. For more information about campus ministries on Washington Adventist University visit us on