VP for Ministry Honored by General Conference Youth Department

muganda smTAKOMA PARK, Md. (July 26) - Vice President for Ministry at Washington Adventist University and former General Conference Youth Ministries Director, Baraka Muganda, Ed.D., was honored by the General Conference Youth Department at the third World Conference on Youth and Community Service in Pretoria, South Africa July 8 - 13, for outstanding contribution to the Seventh Day Adventist Church worldwide.

Youth, Children, and Chaplaincy Director of Uganda Union, Israel M. Kafeero, Ph.D, CFLE, in a citation, described Muganda as “a man of all season, whose service record spanned several generations.”

“He started college in the late ‘60s, with worldview miles apart from the post-modern world but he refused to be left behind,” the citation said. “His ideas, words, and behaviors always marched with the generation. Like the Apostle Paul, he mastered the art of speaking the language of the people before him, of whatever generation.”

Kafeero said Muganda was righteous, obedient and humble even when it meant sleeping in a thatched tent in the bushes of Uganda during a youth camp in 1986 “where the nights were filled with the music of a lion scare.”

“I was humbled and grateful to God for using me to impact the lives of so many youth around the world and leading them to the cross of Calvary, “Muganda said.

Muganda served as world youth director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1995 to 2010. During that time, he gave leadership to activities for eight million young people around the world, developed programs and strategies for (Adventure Club, Pathfinders, Ambassadors Club and Senior Youth. Under his leadership the World Conference on Youth and Community Service, an event held every five years, was introduced.

“The work of leading young people in this fast paced world is enormous,” Kafeero said. “With a lot of options being offered by the world to the youth, we still have a lot to do, but he has done his part.”