Religion Professor Publishes New Book

OliveHemmingsTAKOMA PARK, Md. (Aug. 20) - Professor of Religion Olive Hemmings, Ph.D., is the author of a newly release work, Sacred Texts and Social Conflict, exploring the debate over women’s ordination within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“Here stands a dynamic faith community whose founding prophet and major source of authority outside the Bible is a woman,” a description on reads. “Thirteen decades after a resolution to ordain women, it continues to search the Bible for reasons to ordain or not. And yet, throughout its history, women have always functioned as ministers of the gospel. There must be some supra-biblical force driving the resistance. Hemmings goes behind the scenes of the debate to examine the profound and age old drama—the human struggle to find its best self.

The review calls the book “a surgical work of removing a tight, well fitted mask to reveal the real social fears and inhibitions driving the hermeneutics.”

bookcoverIt is described further as helpful for students of sacred texts wishing to observe the social dynamics driving interpretation, and even formation of sacred texts. Hemmings describes it as “a great starting point for any research on the issue of women’s ordination.”

Hemmings has been teaching in Seventh-day Adventist higher education since 1983. In the teaching of New Testament Bible, Ethics, and World Religions, she tends to call attention to the essential co-relation between religious ideologies/convictions and human civilization.