Breaking Old Ground for a New Athletic Field

ground group smTAKOMA PARK, Md. (Nov. 25) - According to the Creation story in Genesis, God created the world ex nihilo:  out of nothing. Then He broke the ground, gathered the dust of the earth, and made the first man. Breaking ground for a new athletic field at Washington Adventist University (WAU) is also an act of creation. This new field will be one means of recreating our students by helping them experience true education – “the harmonious development of the mental, physical and spiritual powers.” (Ellen White)  It is the goal of WAU to help its learning community develop a balanced life in every dimension of living.

Groundbreaking for the new athletic field signals the start of an extreme makeover that has been needed for decades.  The new field will be made of AstroTurf® and will allow for a variety of activities by students, staff, and members of the local community.  Men’s and women’s soccer, intramural activities, and community group activities will enjoy a safe and aesthetically pleasing field during all the seasons of the year. “On this new field, we will not only build muscles, but also character and good sportsmanship.” (Patrick Crarey)

The WAU President, Dr. Weymouth Spence, officiated at the groundbreaking activity. He was assisted by Dave Weigley, Chair of the WAU Board of Trustees. Congratulatory comments were made by Patrick Crarey, Athletic Director of WAU; Jarrett Smith, Takoma Park Council Member; and Terrill North, candidate, County Council. It is estimated that refurbishment of the new athletic field will be completed April 2014.