Washington Adventist University Launches Homeland Security Program

Takoma Park, MD (Feb. 7)—Washington Adventist University (WAU) is entering the arena of Homeland Security education this March with the launch of three new certificates in Cyber Security, Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, and Disaster Response.

The homeland security certifications can be completed in six months compared to a year for similar programs at other area schools. Students in the WAU programs take two courses every eight weeks, and classes meet weekly for three hours.

The director of the program is Dr. Herma Percy, a member of the Maryland Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council that advises the Maryland Governor’s office. She will teach courses, along with other experienced instructors who combine relevant theory with real-world experience. The faculty for the homeland security program includes industry insiders from the public health, law enforcement, military, government, and cyber security experts.

“We are seeing that there is an urgent need for training security professionals in both the government and in the private sector because of the frequency and severity of natural and man-made disasters and cyber-attacks,” said Percy. “So there’s a strong demand in the workplace for employees who are skilled in helping to prepare, respond and recover from man-made, and natural hazards.

With flexible start times, convenient schedules, experienced faculty, and easily transferable credits, the program is designed for working professionals who wish to advance their careers and students who want to add a homeland security concentration to their studies.

“Our three certificates focus on helping people, communities and businesses prepare and respond to natural, and man-made disasters,” says Percy. “We offer a unique curriculum so our students will be learning to do, not just learning about,” Percy added.

Homeland Security Press Release