WAU’s Bible Translation Institute Has Published New Testament for a Russian Audience

Takoma Park, MD (March 11) — The first joint edition of the modern translation of the Russian New Testament and Psalms intended for a mass audience was recently published by the Washington Adventist University (WAU) Bible Translation Institute, and copies are now on sale in bookstores across Russia.

Bible Translation Institute Director Mikhail M. Kulakov, D.Phil., is leading the project that is expected to conclude with a complete translation of the entire Bible into Russian by 2015. A professor of theology, history and philosophy in Washington Adventist University’s Department of Religion, Kulakov is working on the project began by his father. Partners in the project are the Zaoksky Theological Seminary in the Tula region of Russia, and the Biblical-Theological Institute of St. Apostle Andrew in Moscow, which is a leading academic publisher of Russian theological literature.

Copies of the New Testament translation in Russian are now available at the main book stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Perm, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Odessa and Minsk. The release of this inter-denominational edition produced for the general public has already received positive reviews by several popular Orthodox and Protestant theological web sites and seminary journals.

“It is humbling for our team that the faculty of St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute decided to publish this joint edition as a part of its prestigious series of publications of ‘Modern Biblical Studies’ in which they publish the works of renowned Biblical scholars,” said Kulakov, who is working to complete the translation of the entire Bible. “We have already launched work on the layout of the completed books of the Bible, and are anxiously anticipating the date of completion so that the new translation of the entire Bible can be distributed and read afresh by the Russian people.”

Kulakov is currently in the fourth year of a five-year sabbatical to complete the translation of the entire Bible into Russian. Working in collaboration with biblical scholars from universities across Russia, WAU’s Bible Translation Institute is an initiative in international and inter-denominational collaboration. The Institute has already published the Pentateuch, the Minor Prophets and the New Testament and the Psalms.