WAU’s Religion Department Chair Authored Four Published Articles This Past Year

Takoma Park, MD (March 11) — The chair of Washington Adventist University’s Department of Religion has published four articles in the past year. The most recent, authored by Zdravko Zack Plantak, Ph.D., is “Occupy Till I Come: Relevance of the Belief of the Coming of God,” which was published in the Winter 2014 issue of Adventist Today, Vol. 22, No. 1. (pp.22-27). The piece explores Christian beliefs, perspectives and actions during the time between the first and second coming of Christ.

The article focuses on how the unknown timing of a second coming can affect believers, particularly those who anticipate an imminent advent, and those who become impatient and disappointed. The result can be overexcitement or indifference, shifting attention away from the work of helping those who are the most vulnerable and marginalized in society.

Plantak’s article concludes that “the second coming need not be an obstacle for the involvement in human rights but should become, although not necessarily the primary, at least an additional incentive for moral life in society and being concerned for justice, equality, and peacemaking.”

Other articles published by Plantak during the year are “Creation Care in a Careless World,” published in the April-June 2013 issue of Dynamic Steward, addressing the issue of environmental concern and responsibility; “A Call to Restore God’s Justice” which was published in the Summer 2013 issue of The Journal of Adventist Education; and an article on the meaning of life, entitled "To Live is to Love" which appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of Adventist Today.