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Managing the Family Contribution

The family contribution is the amount of money your family is expected to pay toward your college education for one year and is determined by subtracting any financial aid received from the total cost of attendance. Paying the family contribution through family income or savings is the ideal choice; however, such a contribution may exceed family resources

Listed below are options we encourage you to consider in your financial planning.

Monthly Payment Plan

The WAU TuitionPay Plan allows WAU students and their parents to spread out annual college costs (tuition, fees, housing and meals) across more manageable monthly installments.

WAU has partnered with Higher One to manage the payment plan. The monthly payment plan allows payments to be spread over up to ten months per year. The first payment for the fall semester is due in July, and the first payment for the spring semester is due in December.  For more information, visit

Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students

Federal PLUS loans are available to credit-worthy parents. With a PLUS loan, parents may borrow up to the full cost of the student's education, including tuition, room and board, books and supplies, transportation and living expenses, less any financial aid. There are no maximum or minimum income guidelines for eligibility for such a loan. Additional advantages include a current 7.9 percent fixed interest rate; interest may be tax deductible.

Federal Stafford Direct Loan Program

Federal Stafford Direct Loans are funded by the federal government through contracted lenders. To receive a Federal Stafford Direct Loan—whether subsidized or unsubsidized—applicants for admission to WAU must submit a completed FAFSA.

Private Alternative Loan Options

Private alternative loans are non-federal, private credit-based loan products offered by various lending institutions. The loans generally require school certification of enrollment and eligibility information and are issued in the student's name. They can be used like a federal PLUS loan to borrow up to the cost of attendance less any financial aid. We encourage students to exhaust all federal loans described on this page before considering private loans.


For more information about financial aid at WAU,
email, or call 301-891-4005 or 1-800-835-4212
to speak to a Financial Aid Counselor

Student Financial Services
Address:Washington Adventist University
7600 Flower Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Local Phone: 301-891-4005
General Fax: 301-891-4167

For more information about financial aid at WAU, email, or call 1-800-835-4212 to speak to a Financial Aid Counselor.



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