Mikhail M. Kulakov


Education Profile:

D. Phil., Theology, Christ Church College, University of Oxford, 2002
MA, Theology, Andrews University, 1992
BA, Theology, Newbold College, 1984


Born in Russia, Dr. Kulakov led in the development of theological higher education in the former USSR. He founded Zaoksky Theological Seminary and served as its first president and professor of Theology. In the MA in Religion program he teaches Theological and Ethical issues and the Doctrine of the Church. In the undergraduate program he teaches Law and Human Nature, Introduction to Logic, Introduction to Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of War and Peace and Introduction to Postmodernism.

Research and Professional Activities:

Currently Dr. Kulakov is on a five year sabbatical (2010-2015) to complete the translation of the Bible into Russian and serves as Editor in Chief and the Director of the WAU Russian Bible Translation Institute (BTI). Working in collaboration with biblical scholars from universities across Russia, BTI is an initiative in international and inter-denominational collaboration. The Institute has already published the Pentateuch, the Minor Prophets and the New Testament and the Psalms. Dr. Kulakov has been involved in projects funded by the Pew Charitable Trust including the study of Law and Human Nature in the Teachings of Modern Christianity, administered by the Law and Religion Department of Emory University, and Proselytism and Orthodoxy in Russia conducted by Keston Institute, Oxford.