William W. Ellis


Education Profile:

PhD, Government and International Relations, New York University 1966
BA, Government, Oberlin College, 1961


Dr. Ellis is a senior social scientist and public policy analyst with major experience in government, industry, and higher education. He is expert in transportation studies, homeland security, and certain aspects of educational policy. In government, he has served as a senior staff member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, a Senior Specialist in the Congressional Research Service, Acting Director of the Science Resources Studies Division of the National Science Foundation, and Associate Librarian (equivalent to a vice president) for Science and Technology Information of the Library of Congress. In industry, he has been a Vice President, senior technical manager, and analyst in a number of firms doing transportation research, systems development and maintenance, telecommunications engineering, and educational program evaluation. In higher education, he has held tenured faculty positions at Howard University, the University of Michigan, and Northwestern University, where he taught graduate and undergraduate students a wide range of courses within his discipline, among them international relations, urban studies, social research methods, multivariate analysis, political theory, American government, and African American politics.

Current Research or Professional Activities:

Dr. Ellis’ recent research focuses on the political and religious views of Seventh-day Adventist academics, and political and social implications of certain themes in Bible prophecy. He has been deeply involved in development projects in Africa.